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Uniform Code Of Military Justice


Article 1 - Responsibilities

Sec.1 Art.1- The MARSOC Commander's Duties.

The C.O. is responsible for the well being of the unit and it's members. He should know everything going on in all subordinate units. All COs and SNCOs of MARSOC must uphold the standers of milsim and the fundamentals of special operations.

The C.O. will have the final say in all decisions.

Sec.2 Art.1- Milsim C.O. Duties.

The Commanding Officers is responsible for the well being of their unit and it's members. He should know everything going on in his/her subordinate units under that branch's command.

They are also responsible for upholding the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Sec.3 Art.1- MARSOC's Leader's Jobs.

MARSOC Tactical Element Leaders/MSOT Team Leaders Duties.
A Tactical Element Leader's main duty is to maintain the upkeep of his Tactical Elent. If he sees a slacking Tactical Element member, he should do what he can to motivate that member, as well as notify the next link in the COC to monitor that member. A MSOT Team Leader will be a O-3 Captain or O-2 1st Lieutenant his job is to lead a 14 Man Team and uphold the standards in leading a Special Operations Team in Combat. The larger the Team, the harder and more involved this will become. It is imperative that MSOT Team leaders have the full support of their subordinates. A MSOT Team Leader must lead 2 other Tactical Elements in his MSOT. If a MSOT falls inactive and is forced into retirement, the MSOT Team Leader will be replaced.

Tactical Element Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders
A TELs (Tactical Element Leaders) and ATL main role is to maintain the upkeep and success of their fire team. They will record all fire team matches, stats, additions, losses, or any other changes to their roster in a public weekly report addressed to their squad leader. If a fire team leader is found to be inactive, he will be removed from his position. The current ATL will become the new leader, and a new ATL will be announced.

Article 2 - Professionalism

Sec.1 Art.2- Professionalism.

The MARSOC Milsim Unit shall be composed of individuals who conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner.. All members under the MARSOC Milsim Unit represent thier unit, and themselfs by their actions. Failure to maintain a professional attitude will result in executive actions against the member(s).

Article 3 - Punishment

Sec.1 Art.3- Punishment.

Failure to follow the rules set in this constitution will place you in a council of your peers. You will be brought into a room with the C.O., X.O., SNCOIC, and your Tactical Element Leader. Punishment will be handled according per case. Should a court martial be issued the C.O. of the MARSOC milsim Unit must be present.

If for any reason these rules are violated these are the disciplinary actions.

1st offense - Warning

2nd Offense - Final Warning and placed on probation for 30 days. During this period you will not be eligible for promotion and you will lose all time in grade accrued.

3 and 4 will only be for those already on probation.
3rd Offense - You will be demoted to Private

4th Offense - Court Marshall

Sec.2 Art.3- Removal from MARSOC.

Removal from the Marine Special Operations Command is a decision based on if that individual broke these guild lines.

Article 4 - Activity

Sec.1 Art.4- Activity.

In order to be considered active and remain with the unit, you must participate in six(6) events a month. Drill which occurs on the 1st and 15th of every month. Simply log in to the site and check-in in the appropriate thread. The other are Tactical Element Practice. Tactical Element Practice will be held weekly, and scheduled well in advance.

Article 5 - Milsim Unit Absorption

Any other Milsim Unit that has the same views as The MARSOC Milsim Unit may join our ranks. However they must realize, and accept the fact they will be assimilated into The MARSOC Milsim Unit. No part of The MARSOC Milsim Unit identity will be lost. Individual members of absorbed Units must fill out the proper Recruitment Application form. They will be subject to The UCMJ, and treated like any other member would.

Article 6 - Uniform Policy/Weapons Policy

Weapons, Weapons paints, and Camos is posted under your unit Armory.

Misc. Policies for reference:
The C.O.C.
Also known as the chain of command will be posted in your unit

Note: This Document can be amended.

Signed: Capt. Silva, D